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AJ McKay - USA

AJ McKay

Agent: Heyman talent
Language: English
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About Me...

AJ began his career in radio at the age of 14. Each night, after school, he worked as an on-air radio talent with a 3 hour evening program at a local country station in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Over time, AJ created “AJ McKay Creative” and has worked for the past 15 years as a free-lance Voice Actor, Creative Director, Sound Designer, and Copywriter. He has worked with clients and companies all over the world as well as various radio and television outlets. He has made it his passion to take the spoken word, whether it be his own or someone else’s, and mix it together with the right music, sound effects, and other audio design to create an “audio work of art” that gets attention and results.

With over 20 years of experience in Radio, Television, and Audio Production, “AJ McKay Creative” can help you create the perfect message for your client or viewers.