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David G. Van Sise - USA

David G. Van Sise

Agent: Elina Nulman
Language: English
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About Me...

David G. Van Sise has been doing performances in front of audiences beginning at the age of 6. Since then, you might say he has been bitten by the “Show biz Bug.” It wasn’t until the age of 14, Dave won his first School Talent Show. In 1977 he began his first High School Rock Band, called “The Pipeliners.” But Dave wanted Better. At 18 went into solo performing in local clubs and Competed in County and State Fair Talent Competitions in NY State, where he took First place in Both County and State Contests!

Dave then joined his first Professional Band at 19, called “The Gamblers Band” out of Derby, Connecticut.As their Lead Singer/Songwriter /Rhythm Guitarist, from 1980-1884 Dave performed with “The Gamblers Band” performed clubs and concerts from CT. to N.Y.C. and was able to use the recording experience of a Man named Scott Zitto, (who produced one of Grace Slick’s Solo albums after her Jefferson Airplane Days,) and helped Dave and his Band record their first Originals Demo. Dave was able to take his Band from “Hole in the wall” clubs to being one of the top Connecticut Bands of 1983-84.

Dave Married in 1980 and wanted to concentrate on being a Husband and then a Father. So for the next 28 years, Working as a Low Voltage wiring specialist, Dave has been in and out of small performances with friends, with Groups like “Skydogs” and “The Maverick Band”.

Dave has even been the Stage Manager of a Performance of “Beatlemania” in Dover Plains, N.Y. which had caused the performance, to otherwise to have been a plain and un-managed performance, to become lively, filled with Introductions, Lighting effects and Encore Curtain calls.

Then in 2007 Dave met with Boone Hawks a Rock Drummer from St. Pete, Fl., and decided to put Dave’s Idea of an “Originals Band” together called “DVS the Band” using Dave’s initials from his name. Within the 3 years of them and numerous artist/musicians who have performed with them as Band Members, Dave had been able to put His music across the internet using many web sites and Music sites. His Songs have been played In Minster, England’s “Minster-FM” radio Station and has been played on internet radio stations across the US.

In 2008, Dave Van Sise decided to act on an idea he had considered but never acted upon. Dave had always had the thought of becoming a “Character and Commercial voice over artist,” after which so many friends, family and working customers in his secular day Job, would say: “You have such a fantastic voice!”.

Dave finally decided it was time to put his voice to the test. With the confidence of Friends and working acquaintances, Mark Montellesse and Debra Sosa of “CVF productions” and of “Lumin-Essence”, out of Dunedin, Florida, they gave Dave his first commercial voice over break.

Since then, Dave has recorded commercials for such clients as: “Prudential realty,” “OEM Fashions,” “NRG Bars,” “Naot Shoes,” “Clearwater Glass,” and “Bay Area Neuromuscular”, “Verizon Fios” and many others.

Within 3 months of working with “CVF Productions,” They decided to make David their prime “Male Voice Over Artist” for all their Commercial productions they produced. With over 15 commercials that have been aired, and more coming in all the time, Dave, still to this date, is fully working with CVF Productions and will be, for as long as they want him. Dave believes in Loyalty and Dedication, Punctuality and precision as well as Virtual Audio perfection. He has the knack of doing “Impressions” and accents with refined accuracy as well as “Straight Commercial/Promo” voices and “Character”voices with great enthusiasm.

Dave has even done TV/Radio/Private Commercial Voice Overs that stemmed from the Internet, in particularly, “Voice Jockeys” under the control of Mr. Scott Tillman, such as “Aspen PC,” “Helpnotics”, “PlayJump Start.com” (On Nickelodeon TV), “Myblaster.com” and a few downloadable phone apps i.e. “excuses for being late to work” and “Santa Jokes and interactive Children’s app.” “All around Horse Channel” in New Mexico, “Clearwater Kia” Currently Dave is working on a animated cartoon for the McIntyre Brothers out in Glascow, Scotland and his Voice Over career is starting to really take off. This is What Dave wants now more than ever. He is ever vigilant in seeking more connections and Work in the “Voice Over” Field, and still pursues his Music Career whenever and wherever he can. (Even to have completed an International commercial for “Artvark Film and TV” in Serbia for “Booster energy Drinks” and “Battle for the Babies” for Saatchi and Saatchi.) Now under contract and represented by Acclaim Talent Agency Based out of Texas, and DeSanti Talent out of Chicago, Ill. Dave is moving ahead to make his mark. I hope you will consider him as one of your unique, Voice Over Talents!