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Elinor Hamilton - UK

Elinor Hamilton

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Language: English
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About Me...

Elinor is a warm, friendly English FVO with bags of quality & sparkle. Her natural speaking voice has a slight northern edge, although she’s equally comfortable switching into RP or one of her wide selection of regional accents. She’s often cast as a “real” voice and is frequently chosen because of her ability to NOT always sound like a voiceover! 🙂

From her own broadcast-quality ISDN studio in Greater Manchester, she’s heard on all the major UK radio and TV networks, including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Global Radio, Bauer, GMG, as well as numerous independent commercial outfits and satellite/cable TV stations. Corporate clients include Sony, Proctor & Gamble, NatWest, M&S, Balfour Beatty, Shell, Coca-Cola, The Home Office, AstraZeneca, Tesco and many others. Reading medical and technical terminology with conviction is an in-house speciality at SayerHamilton, and she and her MVO, Phil Sayer, are two of the leading corporate narrators in the UK market. She has also been the voice of EducationCity for several years – a worldwide web learning resource, thanks to her clear, friendly, non-patronising delivery which is perfect for children.

Elinor also has one of the most iconic voices in the UK – as the female half of several London Underground Lines. She is married to Mind The Gap. And that’s not a joke… 🙂

Elinor’s clients seem to love her cheerful nature and intelligent delivery, and she is proud of the amount of repeat business she gets. Most importantly, she absolutely loves the work she does, and has no intention of stopping any time soon.

Just to prove she knows what she’s doing, Elinor has 3 years’ acting training and holds a first class honours degree in Drama from the University of Manchester.