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Francois Pandolfo

Agent: Articulate Voices
Language: English
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About Me...

Francois is an extremely versatile performer and has a naturally light, warm and friendly voice. Growing up with both Italian and Welsh voices around him has given Francois an acute ear for accents, with a penchant for the more unusual, eclectic accents and voices, as well as the various standard British dialects. Mix this with his soft, natural RP/Cardiff accent and a bold, brave approach to performing and you have a daring and unique actor.

Francois has worked extensively in the theatre since graduating from East 15 acting school in 2004. Over these years his stage performances have seen him at The Sherman theatre Cymru, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, The Polka Theatre, Newport Riverfront, The Crucible and The Torch appearing in a line of shows including; Wuthering Heights, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Macbeth, A Small Family Business, Bad Girls and Peter Pan to name a few.

His Television credits include; Quintus in Doctor Who, Enrico Di Clemente in Eastenders, Baker Boys & Tati’s Hotel, as well as recording many radio plays for BBC Radio4 including The House That Eileen Built, The Tinner’s Corpse & My Own Private Gondolier.