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Jennifer Jiles

Agent: Atlas Talent Agency
Language: English
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About Me...

Jennifer Jiles is A Voice for All Reasons. Being an accomplished actress and comedienne with a background in improvisation, Jennifer can take any direction given to her and make it work (from straight announcer to loving Mom to a character with an accent.) With her extraordinary sense of comic timing and wit when reading a script, Ms. Jiles is able to make a simple script funny and a funny script even funnier—all within the allotted time. Her clear fresh sound and personal humor bring a unique vibe to anything that she voices.

Jennifer is also one of the most popular Ex-Rockettes. To see excerpts of her critically-acclaimed one woman show about her years as a Radio City Rockette, go to

Ms. Jiles has acted with such stars as Tim Conway, Tom Poston, Samantha Eggar and Carl Reiner. To read more about Jennifer Jiles, including her Emmy Award, go to