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Ken Knuckles

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About Me...

I have had a passion for doing voice-overs most of my life. I am that guy you see talking to myself while I’m driving my car, quietly repeating movie trailers while you’re sitting next to me in the theater, or reading the Sunday newspaper aloud in Starbucks. Not because I like the sound of my own voice (I do by the way), but because I learned that other people do. From there it was a logical progression to finding my place in the voiceover business!

I have a natural talent for interpreting scripts and a voice well suited for voiceover work. I also have a strong marketing background in the retail & corporate industries from more than 25 years experience working in the engineering and real estate development business. I understand what it takes to sell a company’s products and services while keeping in mind the importance of representing their overall image. I am confident I would be a valuable asset and an intergral part of any company’s successful marketing efforts!

No one will work harder to do whatever it takes to make sure you and your clients are completely satisfied with every project!