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Margo Zinberg - USA

Margo Zinberg

Agent: The Polygon Group
Language: English
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About Me...

Many moons ago, Margo voiced “The Song of Hiawatha” on Detroit’s PBS station, and that grammar school gig foretold her VO future. Back then, too, there were drama and dance classes and school plays, and Margo’s way with words led to degrees in communications and journalism from the University of Michigan and UCLA and positions as press manager/publicity writer for NBC and Nickelodeon. She publicized scores of TV shows, from “Cheers” and “Quantum Leap” to “Rugrats,” and wrote for Emmy magazine, before blending her persuasive, interpretive and acting skills via voiceover. In 2009, having trained with top VO coaches in L.A., Margo stepped behind the mic full-time. Since then, her credit list has grown rapidly, with spots and narratives for restaurants, museums, banks, casinos, colleges, hospitals, hotels, flower shops, travel agencies and much more. Off-mic, Margo kicks up her heels tap dancing.