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Mehmet Onur

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Language: Turkish
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About Me...

Well known professional Turkish voice-over artist and TV producer. 18 years experience. He has a rich well articulated baritone voice. He can intone material from soft and warm with honest sincerity to believable autority. His strong rich tones and full bodied sound would be ideal for commercials, promotional trailers, tv & radio sweepers, industrial and documentary work. Also Turkish language accents that work perfectly for animation and comedy projects.

Mehmet Onur’s international and national clients include ESPN, Philips, Saab, Google, Kingston, Sony, Warner Bros, Goodyear, Dell, 3M, Chrysler, Shell, BMW, Best Buy, Renault, Pepsi. He is still working as the Signature Promo Voice of MTV Turkey, Show TV and JoyTurk FM in Turkey.