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Natalie Stanfield Thomas - USA

Natalie Stanfield Thomas

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Language: English
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About Me...

I think outside the box. …some days I don’t even go near it. I have been described as a real character… several of them.

I am a voice actor and audio producer, and if the advertising for the course is true, I could be your ad campaign’s secret weapon… I have an RAB certification as a Certified Professional Commercial Copywriter.

I have 20+ years experience in audio production and voice over. I own the voice over business, Natalie’s Voice, providing voice over services to my clients in the form of commercials, imaging, web and medical narration, telephony, character bits, and animation character. Providing medical or technical voiceover taking on difficult pronunciations with ease. Engaging, believable commercial delivery without the ‘hard-sell’ aftertaste. Fun,fully-developed characters that play well with others.


Voice Acting – straight commercial, characters, narration, industrial and IVR
Copy-writing – both commercial and underwriting
Audio Production