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Owyn Stephens - UK

Owyn Stephens

Agent: Articulate Voices
Language: English
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About Me...

Owyn is an extremely versatile and adaptable Voice Over artist. Born in England, Owyn’s voice is a natural and neutral RP. Thanks to a Navy upbringing however, he can switch between a variety of accents to a native degree instantly. Confident working on high-energy, upbeat animations right through to cool, collected and sensual commercials, Owyn thoroughly enjoys the process of working alongside directors to make the voices they’ve imagined come to life.

Owyn has voiced characters for animation, corporate training videos, done ADR, commercials and audio books. He has also written, directed and produced film and animation so understands these genres well.

Owyn has a passion for comedy and produces and directs Owyn & Co, one of the fastest growing comedy sketch groups on the web.

They were nominated for Sketch of the Year 2012 from The Poke and produce are producing commissions for various both terrestrial and digital.