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Penelope Davidson

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Language: English
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About Me...

Penelope has worked as a broadcast journalist, newsreader, presenter and voice artist for around 13 years.

Winning awards for her journalism during her time with the Galaxy radio brand and boasting the highest listener figures in the UK when presenting the Asda FM Live weeked show (OK, so it’s a captive audience) she has a depth and variety of experience in talking into a mic.

Now, with a home recording studio and a 5 year-old daughter who is mainly at school, Penelope can start to work on your project almost immeadiately in most cases.

If you’re looking for a friendly, informative style with a mildly northern delivery then this is the VO for you.

On screen work also possible.

Oh, and if you’re after a female rugby league specialist (which is unlikely) then look no further – here she is.