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Penny Abshire

Agent: Voice Talent Productions
Language: English
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About Me...

Penny has extensive experience as a professional speaker and stage actor and a strong musical background as a classically trained pianist and dancer. She started her VO career a little later in life – after many years as a paralegal – when she met and began studying with James. Now she is the Senior Producer and Creative Director of VoiceActing, LLC and Co-Executive Producer of VOICE.

She is currently an independent producer, voice actor, performance coach, professional speaker, author, and teacher.

Penny is the author of Demo and Marketing Magic for Voice Actors and is the recipient of two Omni Intermedia Awards and two Silver Microphone Awards for her work as a commercial copywriter and performer. She is also the founder of Positive Thinkers UNITE, a website which promotes positive thinking and encouragement to thousands of voice actors around the world.