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Rick Regan - USA

Rick Regan

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Language: English
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About Me...

Rick Regan Wichita, Kansas Award winning broadcaster and thirty year VO Professional. Serving the needs of many clients with VO work and full production of live event and concert commercials. Daily reader of USA Today news articles the internet subscription service for Gannett and Ford. Clients across the US and in UK Australia and SA. I have voiced numerous Infomercials in the UK and IVR projects in AU and SA. Cartoon animation in the UK and US Hollywood, Disney and Warner Brothers in 2012. VO Commercial tags running on thousands of TV stations in the US Canada and PR.

Hundreds of TV and Radio commercials for products services and live entertainment. Casinos, Auto dealers, Furniture and Carpet stores. Grocery store point of sale reads and Internet page narrations. Service manuals and meeting presentations. Movie trailers and TV show intro’s and narrations. Rick Regan at your service. FAST Turnaround and every delivery method. High end studio and equipment make for high quality audio and expert editing.

Let’s do this thing together. Ciao