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About Me...

I am also a Dr. Ruth (clinical psychologist), hosted a call in radio show in Saint Louis and have made relaxation tapes for my patients because my voice is described as very calming. I have done radio plays, been an invited public speaker at national meetings, and acted in community theater. My voice over career began in earnest about 4 years ago when we also moved to NY ,commuting between both cities. Since then I have done some commercials, audiobook narration and characters. I have my own studio in both cities.

My new, more informative website is currently being designed with Gabrielle Nistico. I have trained and worked with Doriane Elliott (coach and casting director), Barry Shapiro (on camera commercials), Roger Becker (voice over coach and casting), Angela Mackey (on camera), Samantha Jones (improv) and Carrie Houk (acting coach and casting director). Since I have begun doing audiobooks for ACX, I continue to learn recording and editing techniques. I love doing a variety of projects from characters to industrials.