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Stefania Lintonbon

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About Me...

A native of the USA who’s lived here in England for 16 years, I specialise in an American and/or British dialect. Many people believe my natural accent falls somewhere in between.

Colleagues and clients have described my voice as: narrative, guide, bright, warm, different, upbeat, conversational, clear, energetic, friendly, sweet, young and versatile with a Mid-Atlantic/Transatlantic (midway between American and British) American dialect.
It’s a unique, flexible voice that’s perfect forsomething that’s different which spans the gap between American and British English!

I speak intermediate-level Japanese. Specialisations include but not limited to – projects for children, iPod/iPad apps, animation, audiobooks, computer games, corporate work, explanatory videos, narration, real estate/travel tour videos, training materials, radio drama and podcasting.

Some of my recent projects include: Voiceover for iPod apps for children (Japanese-language, British and American accent);book trailer; Pharmaceutical narrations; Voiceover for video on Social Networking (British accent); Voiceover for marketing messages; a Library Systems Tutorial; narrated audiobook on Stress Reduction; ongoing Public Service Announcements etc. for radio station, & narration for 200+ page audiobook to accompany website real estate, e-learning/tutorial project (American accent).